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Fairfax Physician Lawyer

The physician lawyers of Law Offices of Kevin Byrnes PLLC are aware of the legal issues specific to physicians and the corporate practice of medicine. Unfortunately, physicians and their practice managers only have limited knowledge in certain legal areas. In line with this, the service of a physician lawyer is undeniably necessary. That’s what we are here for.

As physicians, you deserve to focus on your job and the service you extend to the public. In return, we will handle the needed legal measures to comply with the set of regulations established for every physician’s benefit and employment.

We are experts in providing legal assistance to physicians. Our knowledge about all things legal that affect a physician’s day-to-day tasks of public health service is proven commendable.

For any legal concern, contact Law Offices of Kevin Byrnes PLLC at (202) 902-8399 and talk to our expert physician lawyers.


Canva Man Next to Doctor 300x200 Fairfax Physician LawyerContracts aren’t as easy as you may initially think. You will need a lawyer for physicians to help you understand the complexities of legal jargon packed within a contract.

The expert physician lawyers of Fairfax, in Law Offices of Kevin Byrnes PLLC will assist you in establishing contracts between other physician groups, hospitals, and other entities. As lawyers, we know all the necessities that should be included in contracts. Also, we are experienced and could give you advice on how to negotiate contracts. If you decide, we can even do the negotiating for you.

Another thing we know to be important is your financial security. As your physician lawyer, we will then protect you against inflation. In your contract, we will make sure to add a clause ensuring a compensation rise once inflation occurs. We will also review non-compete clauses, securing the fair opportunity you should be given in order to work elsewhere whenever you leave your current job.

Another thing we will do for you is to make sure all agreements are in writing. It is never a good idea to rely only on verbal promises. Furthermore, we work to reduce your liability with effective restrictive covenant clauses.

Rest assured, our physician lawyers are experts in handling various agreements with health care entities, hospitals, and insurers. We will assist in the preparation and reviewing of employment, independent contractor, exclusive provider, physician syndication, and joint venture agreements.

We are efficient in negotiation contracts with managed care organizations and for third-party reimbursement, among many others. Our legal service for your contract needs is exceptional and worth the pay.

If you don’t have the time nor the expertise to draft and negotiate your own contracts, don’t waste time and contact our expert Fairfax, VA physician lawyers to secure a fair legal contract.


In Law Offices of Kevin Byrnes PLLC, we offer expert counsel for all your legal needs.

We will educate you about licensure requirements, fraud laws, abuse laws, as well as the various medical laws regulated by the state. We also offer assistance and protection as you face disciplinary sanctions such as license probation, suspension, or revocation.

Our physician lawyers will ensure that you know everything you need to know for you to best face different legal issues. So if you ever come across any legal concern, whether it is urgent or not, call (202) 902-8399 and talk to our physician lawyers in Fairfax.

Corporate Compliance

Every physician knows—or should know—how important corporate compliance plans are for their careers. Our physician lawyers do.

Our law firm will assist in the creation of plans that is best not just for your practice but will fit your existing budget as well. With the team of experts here at Law Offices of Kevin Byrnes PLLC, we can help you get the most of your corporate compliance plan.


Canva Woman in Blue Shirt Wearing Face Mask 300x200 Fairfax Physician LawyerFor immigrant physicians, we will assist in securing your visas (J-1, H-1B, employment, and educational). We will also be your personal legal counselors as you go through the accomplishment of the required paper works for the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Moreover, we will help you in applying for proper work authorizations and permanent residence in the United States. Our Fairfax physician lawyers are always ready to serve for all your immigration concerns, letting you focus on your beloved practice.

Labor and Employment

When it comes to the labor and employment of physicians, we help resolve the legal issues involving the following:

  • Wage
  • Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Hiring
  • Termination
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Leave
  • Disability accommodation
  • Impairment
  • Drug testing

Our law firm will handle all the legal matters required to resolve any workplace issues unique to your medical practice. The expert physician lawyers of our team will also readily defend you in any employment litigation and administrative matters.


Whenever disputes present themselves, we will represent and defend you in any regulatory, civil, and criminal proceedings. Whether in state or federal courts, we will also assist you in every investigation or jury trial.

You can always rely on our defensive approach, which is characterized by efficiency and current legal knowledge. Effectively helping with existing litigations, as well as with emerging disputes, is one of the duties we are always ready to do for you.

Our law firm will always ensure a successful litigation process without draining your passions for your practice as you went through it.

Privacy Rules

One of the most sensitive issues every physician and other medical workers should be aware of is the patients’ information privacy. Adhering to all privacy rules, either regulated by the federal or state laws, is crucial for every physician.

Here at Law Offices of Kevin Byrnes PLLC, our knowledgeable physician lawyers will assist you in how to comply with the rules concerning your patients’ information confidentiality. We will make sure that you wouldn’t violate any state privacy law or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). With this, you wouldn’t have to worry about paying fines, suffering penalties, or facing lawsuits about privacy violations anymore.

Be assured that our physician lawyers will expertly guide you in following all the privacy rules and regulations in Fairfax.

Staff Issues

As physician lawyers, we will also help in issues associated with hospital-physician relationships, credentialing process, and other medical staff concerns. We will assist you in resolving staff disputes, complying with bylaws, and responding to injuries.

The expert physician lawyers in Law Offices of Kevin Byrnes PLLC will reach your issues’ resolutions efficiently and proactively. All these while letting you work on your passion without any legal worries at all.

Modern Technology

Canva Man Wearing White Long sleeved Shirt 200x300 Fairfax Physician LawyerModern technology has opened new doors for medical developments. One of these developments is the existence of telemedicine.

In light of this, we will help you navigate through the additional regulations brought upon by technological advancements. We will assist you with all the issues and requirements you need to deal with upon engaging in telemedicine.

With the expertise of our physician lawyers, you can be guided through laws concerning licensure, regulatory, fraud, abuse, and billing issues.

We Are The Experts You Need

Our reputable physician lawyers are always ready to assist you legally.

We make sure to be available at your every call. We have answers tailored to address your legal concerns. We will review your case and start doing actions as soon as you give us the go signal.

With your best interest in mind, we will protect you and your profession at all costs. We won’t let you down in dealing with every legal trouble you may face along the way.

We have the experience, the knowledge, the service, and the dedication you need.

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Business AttorneysFor any business relationship and practice management concerns, call Law Offices of Kevin Byrnes PLLC at (202) 902-8399. Talk to our expert Fairfax physician lawyers and rest assured that all your legal needs are well taken care of.

Call Law Offices of Kevin Byrnes PLLC at (202) 902-8399 to consult one of our physician lawyers.