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Newington Labor Lawyer

Whether you are an employer or an employee, you will need a labor lawyer to resolve any existing or future workplace disputes. Our labor lawyers at Law Offices of Kevin Byrnes PLLC have specific knowledge in handling the cases unique to industries with established unions and their rules and regulations.

As employers, our service will come into play when you face lawsuits accusing you of mistreatment, unlawful overtime, discrimination, hazardous work conditions, or wrongful termination. You will also need the legal assistance of a Newington labor lawyer if you want to fire a union worker or prepare for an upcoming strike.

On the other hand, you have to hire a labor lawyer as an employee if you want to file a lawsuit against your employer. You will also require legal service if you have been fired without due cause or you want to negotiate during a strike.

Whatever your position is or whatever your legal concern may be, we are here to help with all of them.

Call Law Offices of Kevin Byrnes PLLC at (202) 902-8399 to consult our expert labor lawyers.

Comprehensive Labor Law Services

weighing benefits scales of justiceThe labor lawyers of our law firm are experts in assisting unionized employees in securing their rights and fulfilling their responsibilities. We help unions in negotiating for a better wage, increased workplace safety, and more convenient working hours, among many others.

We effectively represent union members in defending their rights to freedom of speech, assembly, and voting powers. Additionally, we give sound counsel about the Right to Work Laws, where it consequently prohibits employees from unionizing.

For our employer clients, we legally assist in negotiating with union members—known as collective bargaining—to reach a fair agreement. We also assist with proceedings in different administrative bodies.

If you somehow find yourself involved in any kind of labor dispute, or you wanted to clarify something about your rights as an employee or employer, our expert Newington, VA labor lawyers can help.

Dispute Resolution

When it comes to labor disputes, our labor lawyers resolve it as efficiently as we can. We respond to the other involved party and take a legal course of action with your best interest in mind.

Our goal is to effectively find a way to reach an agreement where both parties are satisfied. If possible, this resolution will be achieved with a private and non-confrontational settlement. We are experts in avoiding disputes being escalated into litigations.

For any labor disputes you want to resolve, our labor lawyers will give you the best service in Newington.


partnership dispute legal assistance business lawyerNo matter how much you nor we avoid it, there are just some disputes that are not easily resolved. Nonetheless, our legal service is commendable in representing and defending you in these litigations.

We will help in various litigation cases such as, but are not limited to:

  • Illegal or wrongful dismissal
  • Mistreatment
  • Child labor
  • Other violations of labor law standards and regulations

Whatever your situation is, our expert labor lawyers will make sure you will get the most out of your case.

Labor Law Compliance

Our labor lawyers are here to give you counsel for various rules and regulations you need to adhere to as an employee or employer. Upon hiring us, we will make sure you accomplish every labor law requirements imposed by the federal and state courts.

As an employer, you will rest assured that you are not violating any rights of your employees. As an employee, you can work with the assurance that you are getting what you deserve.

The labor lawyers at Law Offices of Kevin Byrnes PLLC will handle all the legal matters of your labor concerns.

The Best Law Firm for You

You can talk to our expert labor lawyers without worrying for the least bit of unprofessionalism. You can tell us your concern with the confidence you will have while talking to your closest friends or trusted family members.

We assure you that we are genuinely interested in solving your legal problems. We will choose the best legal action based on your interest and your welfare. It is you, your job, or your business that will be our priority in coming up with the next legal decision.

We have extensive experience, vast knowledge, and commendable dedication in resolving legal matters associated with the state and federal labor laws. We will conveniently be at your service.

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Business AttorneysIf you are involved in labor disputes, facing any lawsuits, planning to file a lawsuit, or if you have any legal questions, we are here to help.

Contact us on (202) 902-8399 and talk to the expert Newington labor lawyers of Law Offices of Kevin Byrnes PLLC.