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Chantilly Employment Lawyer

Working and managing a workplace are both not easy to perfect, especially in legal terms. You will, sooner or later, need legal assistance from an experienced employment lawyer.

Most often than not, our jobs and businesses become the defining factor of how our life will turn out. And today, it’s so unlike the old times where employees tend to bite their tongues and be submissive while letting employers do what they think is right. The modern workplace is now regulated by various employment laws, making one’s navigation through employment a bit more complex and far less personal than before.

Gone are days where settlements can be achieved through personal discussions. You need to know and protect every right you have as an employee, as well as every law you need to comply with as an employer.

The changes in the workplace, especially the negative ones, will affect not just your financial and societal status, but also your emotional and mental health. Workplace disputes are something you want to avoid as much as you can and resolve as soon as possible if avoidance became futile.

Our Chantilly employment lawyers will provide the exact assistance you need to prevent the worst from affecting your jobs and businesses. Whether you are an employee, a business owner, a manager, or a business partner, you won’t go wrong with hiring our best employment lawyers.

Just call (202) 902-8399 to contact Law Offices of Kevin Byrnes PLLC and consult our lawyers for all your legal concerns.

Complete Legal Service

employment law sexual harrassment 300x200 Chantilly Employment LawyerOur law firm represents both parties of employees and employers. The legal service we provide ensures that your rights are protected, and your responsibilities are fulfilled.

For employers, managers, owners, and partners, we make sure of the following:

  • Your authority is recognized and respected in the workplace.
  • Your business is secure.
  • Your business organization and developments are protected.
  • Your business’s workplace is productive.

For employees, we are here to legally assist in:

  • Protecting your rights
  • Fighting for fair treatments and safe workplace
  • Protection from discrimination

Our law firm has Chantilly employment lawyers experienced in dealing with workplace concerns on:

  • Discrimination
  • Violence
  • Retaliation
  • Privacy protection
  • Property protection
  • Business secret protection
  • Compliance with labor, health, and safety regulations

We will make sure that your workplace is governed with practical and economic decisions. These decisions should adhere to state and federal employment laws instead of being based on anyone’s race, gender, disability, or military demands, to name a few.

Employee Rights Protection

We represent employees from various sectors and businesses. As the world of employment changed, the expert employment lawyers of Law Offices of Kevin Byrnes PLLC know how important modern legal assistance can be.

When you choose to work with us, we will give you counsel about rights. We will defend you and these rights in various disputes and trials—if ever they arise. We are here to make sure that your rights are not violated and that you can work without having to worry about workplace disputes going out of hand.

If you have a case in need of legal assistance, especially those sensitive ones, know that we will handle it with efficiency, tact, and appropriate confidentiality.

Federal Employees

business contract negotiation 300x200 Chantilly Employment LawyerFederal employees are indeed granted protections unavailable to regular civil employees. Despite this, they still aren’t free from the common workplace concerns all employees are facing.

Wrongful termination, whistleblower reprisal, sexual harassment, as well as discrimination against race, age, ethnicity, and disability also threaten the peace of federal employees’ workplace. Additionally, they may also face the complex process of administrative complaints.

Intricate rules and regulations determine whether or not federal employees can pursue a complaint. The federal court, together with several agencies, oversees the federal law that every employee must adhere to. Yet even if it will be complicated, time-consuming, and difficult, every employee must pursue their claims. Our law firm will help with that.

Our employment lawyers have substantial work experience with federal employees dealing with the following concerns:

  • Adverse action and discipline matters
  • Internal investigations
  • Fitness for duty examinations
  • Security clearance issues
  • Giglio matters
  • Harassments
  • Whistleblower claims
  • Retaliation and reprisal
  • Discrimination (based on either of the following: race, age, sex, ethnicity, familial status, marital status, national origin, and disability)

Maybe you got denied your rightful pay or benefits. Maybe your promotion was unfairly given to someone else. Perhaps you were harassed in your workplace or terminated without a reasonable cause. Or possibly, you are facing some sort of investigation or disciplinary action.

Whatever your case may be, the expert Chantilly, VA employment lawyers of Law Offices of Kevin Byrnes PLLC will give you the best legal service you can ask for.

Law Enforcement and Special Agency Employees

Law Offices of Kevin Byrnes PLLC values the service and welfare of law enforcement and special agency employees as much as every other employee. We have represented and served personalities from various agencies during our years of service.

We already worked with the following:

  • FBI
  • DEA
  • DHA
  • CBP
  • CIA
  • USMS
  • USPS
  • US Capitol Police
  • USDA Pentagon Police
  • Local enforcement officers from the District of Columbia and Virginia

Additional intricacies now surround the employment regulations upon law enforcement and special agency employees. Security clearances, as well as health, emotional, and mental states of law enforcement employees, are being carefully regulated.

As employment lawyers, we will represent and defend you against your agency’s actions and assist you as you bring a particular treatment to the attention of your agency, the oversight bodies, or the general public. Our expert lawyers are dedicated to defending your rights as an employee, making sure to protect your income, reputation, and future.

Moreover, we have and will continually serve all armed forces members. We work to ensure that you have equal employment, retention, and advancement opportunities. Armed forces personnel’s rights against workplace discrimination and mistreatment are among those we specialize in protecting.

We also work to ensure that every uniformed service member and their civilian employers know their rights and responsibilities established by the federal law under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA).

USERRA states that:

  • You have the right to be reemployed in a similar position in the workforce after serving in the uniformed service.
  • You have the right to be free from discrimination based on military service.
  • If you leave to serve the military, you have the right to continue employer-based health care coverage for you and your dependents for up to 24 months.
  • You have the right to equal advancement opportunities like those of non-military personnel.
  • You have the right not to be punished in terms of seniority as a result of your military service.
  • You have the right to enforce all these rights and be free from discrimination, retaliation, and reprisal based on your military service.

We have extensive working experience with US military personnel and reservists with claims under USERRA. If you were denied anything or mistreated due to your military service, our employment lawyers in Chantilly, are here to serve you.

Private Sector Employees

employment law wrongful termination 300x200 Chantilly Employment LawyerEmployees in the private sector also face common workplace issues such as harassment, discrimination, hostility, reprisal, and wrongful termination, among many others. Fortunately, our law firm has expert Chantilly employment lawyers who are knowledgeable in defending your rights.

Moreover, we also work with employees protecting their rights as physically or mentally impaired workers. Our partnership with physicians, medical personnel, agency managers, and health units help us address the following issues:

  • Emotional, physical, psychological, and psychiatric conditions often brought on by the workplace itself; and
  • Employment preservation—involves obtaining reasonable accommodations for short and long-term disabilities and transfers, as well as reassignment and retirement possibilities

We will represent you, tackle your issues with expertise, and make sure that whatever your concern is will be addressed in a practical manner that would benefit you and your employment status.

Valuable Employer Assistance

As an employer, you will also need our employment law services. The rules and regulations under the federal and state employment laws will demand the need for the expertise of an employment lawyer.

In Law Offices of Kevin Byrnes PLLC, our lawyers will help you in all of the legal issues you will face. We will educate you about the laws and the ways you can comply with them. Aside from these, we will legally assist you with the following:

  • Collective bargaining negotiations
  • A complaint about discrimination or harassment filed by an employee against you
  • A cause of action for employment-related matters brought by an employee against you
  • Plan to fire a large number of employees
  • Plan to terminate an employee’s benefit
  • Plan to change the pension plan you are currently offering

Furthermore, our expert employment lawyers will also help you in the preparation and reviewing of contracts and agreements you use with your employees. We will prepare and review employment contracts, severance contracts, and releases on your behalf.

With the help of the expert employment lawyers in Law Offices of Kevin Byrnes PLLC, you can rest assured that your interests are best represented in the resolution process of all your legal concerns.

We Are The Best Employment Lawyers

In Law Offices of Kevin Byrnes PLLC, we have experienced employment lawyers and trial attorneys. Our lawyers are proud of their vast knowledge and proven excellent track record.

We will respect your rights, understand the depth of your concern, and give you sound counsel. We will deal with your legal issue in an efficient, personalized way, promptly responding to your queries and thoroughly assessing your case.

We have the best legal service in Chantilly, for your employment issues.

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Business AttorneysConsult the best employment lawyers of Law Offices of Kevin Byrnes PLLC for all your legal concerns. Call us at (202) 902-8399, and we will be at your service right away.

Leave the legal jargon to us and be the best employee or employer you can be. Never get into deep trouble with the federal and state employment law ever again.

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