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Springfield Business Law

Having a knowledgeable business lawyer at your side is critical to the success of any business.

business lawyer and corporate attorney in Washington, DCAdvice on how to prepare contracts, hire, retain, discipline and discharge employees, comply with federal and state wage, labor, health, benefits, and discrimination law is simply part of the business environment. Whether entering, creating, expanding, or terminating a business entity, having an experienced lawyer to assist you can spell the difference between a harmonious business environment and expensive litigation.

There are many requirements to ensure a prosperous business venture, including: the creation and enforcement of service contracts and employment agreements, protection of trade and business secrets, clients and property, addressing workplace disputes, dealing with partners, LLC members, co-owners and shareholders, building ways to clearly establish client agreements, proper compensation for work and services, defense of your ownership status and interests, prohibition of fraud and misconduct in the workplace, and the creation of a productive work environment free from discrimination.

Experienced in All Facets of Business Law

legal research and discussionKevin has handled high-level partner disputes, shareholder issues, corporation organization and dissolution matters, executive pay and contract issues, compliance with federal and state employment laws, protection of corporate and personal privacy, business defamation claims, torts, fraud, and contract disputes; questions of compliance with corporate duties, violations of trade secrets and restrictive covenants, drafting of employee manuals, and breaches of fiduciary duty and duty of loyalty claims.

Whether the issue is an internal one, involves an employee, a client or another business, this firm seeks appropriate resolution, or where necessary, an aggressive legal defense.

Mediation & Arbitration

Mediation and Arbitration DCKevin has mediated, arbitrated and tried numerous claims and cases arising from the business world. He has dealt with issues ranging from simple contract disputes, securities fraud and violations of trade secrets and copyright laws, violations of federal and state electronic communications and privacy laws, to Qui Tam claims.

Mr. Byrnes seeks to avoid and resolve issues, but is no stranger to the courtroom and has argued numerous cases to judges and juries. His business clients range from solo business owners to large corporations. Whether a business is a Plaintiff or a Defendant, Kevin’s significant state and federal court experience, combined with his knowledge of Springfield business law issues and practice, provides you with an attorney who can handle many of the complex issues that affect your operation


Business Law Litigation AttorneyNo lawyer can promise that a judge or a jury will rule in their favor. Each case depends on the facts, the law, and the considerations of the judge or jury. Experienced attorneys seek to produce the best possible case and know that litigation places the decision on the matter before fact finders

An experienced trial attorney can understand and address the risks of litigation in a way that attempts to place the client’s case in the best possible light, increasing the chances of a successful outcome.

When the matter is one of litigation, our firm is dedicated to properly advising clients of the risks and benefits of the legal process, as well as the desire for an outcome that is creative and protective of our client’s personal, professional, and business standing. Although we have been able to resolve many matters favorably for our clients before trial, we are prepared to prosecute our client’s case to the fullest extent of the law.

Business & Commercial Litigation

medical practice lawyerWe have represented our clients in matters involving Partner, Shareholder, LLC member disputes, breaches of fiduciary and corporate duty, fraud; issues arising from the purchase, sale or dissolution of businesses, including assessments of value, assets, goodwill and distribution of proceeds, validity of information passed between parties, calculation of goodwill, propriety and accuracy of disclosures, due diligence.

This firm has litigated disputes that arise when the parties either fail to perform their duties or misunderstand their duties. We have addressed space share issues, buildouts, medical facility joint ownership between doctors and hospitals or health care institutions and the need for restrictive tenant covenants to preserve and protect market advantage, changes in ownership and contractual agreements that govern every aspect of the relationship between a medical practice purchasing a building, entering into a lease or acquiring an ownership interest in property.

We have also addressed threatened and active litigation between medical practitioners and hospitals and other medical facilities, as well as between current or former partners, shareholders or LLC members.

Employment Litigation

reviewing employment disagreement attorneyWe have bought numerous successful Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) claims against the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Department of Justice and Drug Enforcement Agency for federal law enforcement employees.

Our firm has obtained favorable outcomes for our Springfield, VA business law clients, including securing a case dismissal for a U.S. Secret Service member in criminal prosecution and helping another Secret Service Agent, who was a possible target in the Martha Stewart prosecution, avoid indictment, punishment, and disclosure in the media.

Experience & Results

Kevin is a highly experienced Springfield trial attorney and appellate advocate. He has presented over 150 matters to juries and has argued a similar number to judges, arbitrators, and mediators.

Mr. Byrnes has a number of reputed cases in the employment area including:

  • Arias v. Jokers Wild, Inc., 73 Va. Cir. 281 (Fairfax Co. 2007) (business conspiracy and fraud by the seller of a restaurant)
  • Cloonan v. Holder, 768 F.Supp.2d 154 (D.D.C. 2011) (successful resolution of employment discrimination and Privacy Act claim)
  • Armstrong v. Thompson, 759 F.Supp.2d 89 (D.D.C. 2011) (9th largest verdict D.C. in 2014)
  • FreeBalance v. Massaquoi, 2014 WL 6709901 (Va. Cir. Ct. 2014) (multi-million-dollar jury award in tortuous interference and business defamation case
  • State Farm Fire & Cas. Co. v. Brown, 2007 WL 4357386 (Va. Cir. Ct. 2006) (six figure verdict in negligence case)
  • Reid v. Veazey (successful six-figure resolution of real estate fraud claim).
  • Kevin has also argued appeals before the DC Circuit, the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia and both the Federal and 4th Circuits.

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Business AttorneysWe understand that for our client’s litigation may be a stressful, emotionally, and physically draining ordeal. However, if you select our firm to represent you, you will have our commitment to protect your rights aggressively, handle your case with professionalism and urgency, and take a strong stand on what we know is just and true.

As a client, you will have access to the best advice, guidance, and recommendations that the law provides.

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