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Kevin E. Byrnes, a Partner at Kevin Byrnes, is an experienced civil and criminal trial attorney and current member of the Virginia and District of Columbia Bar.

Mr. Byrnes is a graduate of the Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law and was first licensed to practice law in 1985. Mr. Byrnes has worked as a Judge Advocate in U.S. Navy, an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the District of Columbia, a line attorney with the Department of Justice, and has been in private practice since 2001 in both small and large firm settings.

My Philosophy

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Mr. Byrnes’ primary goal is to quickly and effectively resolve disputes and address concerns by realistically assessing the nature of the issues affecting the client and the cost of pursuing the client’ s objectives, with an eye on the long-term interests involved.

We try to minimize conflict and achieve resolution when possible, but are not afraid of litigation.

When the facts and circumstances call for aggressive representation, pursuit of trial or hearing, or an active affirmative presentation of a client’s claims, we are prepared to pursue the case through trial and beyond if required. Our attorneys are business litigation professionals who are dedicated to your success.

Protecting You and Your Business

Mr. Byrnes understands that selecting a DC business attorney is a source of stress, uncertainty, and anxiety.

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Whether it is a business client seeking to avoid misunderstandings that can lead to legal troubles or an individual forced to bring a claim to protect vital interests such as employment, financial or liberty interests, you require an attorney who understands the risks and costs of litigation and the need to resolve it.

The fact is, most businesses and professionals need an attorney as part of their normal business practice. Moreover, when you have to protect or assert your interests, a well-trained and capable lawyer is a necessary part of the landscape.

When you are forced to defend yourself because you have been terminated, accused of misconduct or violation of law, or under some form of administrative, ethical, or criminal investigation, an attorney familiar with how such investigations and actions are conducted and prosecuted can be the difference between absolution and ruin.

Experienced, Practical Approach

Few things are more difficult than facing inquiry or prosecution from an administrative board or investigatory or law enforcement agency. Experience counts, and an attorney who has appeared in court before investigators and in administrative hearings is someone you want by your side.

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Mr. Byrnes has over 31 years of experience in litigation and the legal profession. He is a well-rounded, mature, seasoned trial advocate and business and employment litigator. He also works with medical professionals in on issues specific to their professional practices and he has devoted a substantial portion of his practice to federal and state law enforcement agents as well.

His diverse but targeted practice is designed to assist clients in protecting their businesses, employment, and reputations in a competitive work and business world, increasingly subject to new and more complex legal challenges.

Mr. Byrnes has been called upon to help clients in suits ranging from simple contract disputes, to securities fraud and business torts. He handles business and employment issues in a wide variety of settings. Having done appellate practice and trial work, he looks at matters with an eye toward how a judge, jury or factfinder will apply the law and see the dispute. He is an experienced trial attorney who has appeared in a variety of state and federal courts.

He has pursued appeals in various state and federal appellate courts and thus has an eye toward how a proper record is made and how a case progresses before actual judges and juries. Mr. Byrnes’ approach is not theoretical, it is practical. Where possible, he attempts to avoid the expense and uncertainty of litigation.

Where necessary, however, he is prepared to aggressively pursue claims in court, at trial, and where required on appeal.

The Firm’s Commitment to Our Clients

The goal is always to protect the client and see legal matters as something more than a simple case of asserting claims. Kevin Byrnes seeks to ensure that clients are given advice on how to achieve their long-standing objectives of ensuring that they are treated fairly in a business or employment setting by an employer, partner, or business associate.

business man in handcuffs needing an business attorney in DCWhere clients find themselves on the receiving end if a claim, investigation, or charge, our goal is to both defend the client and ensure their rights are protected, unsupported claims or allegations are dismissed, and any treatment they receive is based on an objective standard fairly applied.

The philosophy of the firm is simple: to provide quality service, to present and protect the client as best as possible and to guide them through the often complicated, confusing and, uncertain legal world, through a sober, accurate assessment of their claims. Legal fees and costs are addressed straightforwardly as are the strengths and weaknesses of a client’s case. The firm understands that clients who feel wronged and who are wronged want and need an attorney who will look out for their interests.

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Business AttorneysWhether you have a specific legal need, or want to begin a relationship with an experienced Bladensburg, MD Business Litigation Attorney who can provide guidance and assistance to protect you from potential future legal issues for your business, we are here for you.


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