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Fortunate to have Kevin Byrnes on my side!

"Running a business is hard enough so anytime you have to deal with litigation, it’s terrible. That said, I was fortunate enough to have Kevin Byrnes on my side through one of the hardest, most frustrating and potentially the most painful battles that I’ve even been forced to fight. Kevin came at the recommendation of my regular business attorney so that impressed me."

- Glen G.

Kevin kept a level head & dug in

Had to deal with a handful of losers with no budget limitations, so I really needed a pit bull. Kevin kept a level head, dug in, and got them all to climb back under their respective rocks. I hope I never have to deal with unscrupulous scumbags again, but if I do it will be with Mr. Byrnes.

- Brian Gray

Great Attorney

Kevin is a great attorney. He is very passionate about advocacy and he provides very detailed, aggressive, and effective representation. I would definitely recommend his services.

- F. Charles

An Experienced, Empathic Attorney

I would definitely recommend attorney Byrnes. Even though he's been practicing for a while, I still find that he's empathic and is not far removed from understand the stress and anxiety that clients experience while going through litigation.

- V. Israel

Passionate, Dynamic Litigator

Kevin is an exceptional attorney! He is a passionate and dynamic litigator and truly cares about his clients. His office is well-organized and his staff is amazing. I truly recommend Kevin to anyone seeking legal services!

- C. Campbell

Provided Excellent Guidance

I hired Kevin to help advise me through a challenging in my career. I felt he delivered for me, provided excellent guidance, and ultimately brought some excellent advice during a difficult time. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a lawyer.

- B. Holcombe III

Nothing He Can't Handle

I have utilized Kevin Byrnes experience on more than one occasion. He is an exceptional lawyer and very well versed in the law; to include personnel (Govt & Private), administrative, criminal & civil. Kevin's prior experience with the Department of Justice and as a JAG Officer with the US Navy, coupled with his years of private practice, to include his time as partner, have served him well in processes and knowledge of Case Law. His techniques and advice is highly valued. Kevin is a hard worker and very good attorney. I highly recommend utilzing his services and feel there is nothing that he could not handle.

- Harry Armstrong

Aggressive, Competent, & Knowledgeable Attorney

Kevin has been practicing for over 30 years and is very knowledgeable in the areas in which he practices. What I appreciated most about Kevin is that he was very thorough with the legal representation that he provided. He made sure I understood my case and how different strategies could affect the best possible outcome for my case. I was kept well-informed and I felt that my interests were always protected. He's a very aggressive and competent attorney, I highly recommend him!

- Anita C.

Top notch, professional and dedicated Attorney

Top notch, professional and dedicated Attorney you can not find better!

- Tom Marble